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How to create an onboarding questionnaire?

Dernière mise à jour : Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Simplify the onboarding experience for your new employees 

Say bye-bye to back and forth emails asking your new hires to provide essential information for their on-boarding. Simply create your personalised questionnaire and capture all required information and documents in a single step. 

Under My Company, navigate to Onboarding questionnaire in the Team section and click on EDIT to start the process. 

 Building your questionnaire 
You can ask your employees to provide a multiple choice answer, an open-ended answer or a specific date. You can also ask for documents such as the ID. 

Save and publish your questionnaire by clicking on the bottom right button.  

Now select if you would like to share the onboarding questionnaire with new hires only, or all existing employees. 

That's it! Your employees will receive an email notification about the questionnaire.